Welcome to the Darke County United Way, Inc.

Annual Report 2013

Giving is the heart of our organization. Without dedicated community leaders helping us raise funds, and without Darke County employees giving from the heart, we would not be able to offer our services to Darke County. If you are new to the United Way structure and want to learn about the benefits of giving please read this information. Also you may call Lauren Henry, Executive Director at 937-547-1272. I am happy to meet with you and describe our outreach. When you give to United Way you are actually giving to 27 non profit programs in Darke County. All gifts stay in our county. It is a great way to give to a large scope of programs. Here is a little bit about us.

Our Mission

The purpose of the Darke County United Way is to increase the organized capacity of people to care for one another. This is accomplished by five core principles.

  1. Assessing & addressing health and human service needs in our community.
  2. Fostering cooperation among all health & human service organizations providing services to Darke County.
  3. Developing and allocating both human and financial resources.
  4. Promoting Darke County United Way and its affiliates.
  5. Integrity of managing Darke County United Way efficiently and effectively.

Services we allocate funds to:  United Way Community Impact         


Our Partner Programs:

The Darke County United Way is proud to have 23 non-profit, 501c3 registered agencies as our partners. The monies raised each year in our campaign stay in Darke County and are distributed to the following agencies based on allocation decisions made by our allocation team of 30 members including board of directors and community leaders. All agencies must submit an application in February with program features, outputs, outcome measures, and financials including an IRS 990 and yearly audit to prove accountability and financial stability. All agencies are visited during the allocation process and interviewed for more information as well.

Donors also have the option of giving a private donation to any other 501c3 in the nation. We are happy to distribute these monies. All of these designated donations are subject to up to a 25% administrative fee as outlined by the IRS and an average of three years admin percentages in accordance with UWW. Any leadership donation is exempt from this administrative fee (a gift of $1,000 or more).

Bridge the Gap

The Bridge the Gap Fund is a program to help address the basic needs of our residents by helping them "bridge the gap" with shelter, utility, and medical assistance in times of short-term struggle including loss of jobs, disabilities, illness and other issues that arise, which make it hard for our residents to make ends meet. Community Action Partnership helps screen applicants for these funds.  Local donations, emergency food and shelter program grants, and a grant from AEP help sustain this fund. 

Geographic of # of Participants Served  2013

*Balance of community means that the local zip code either was not tracked (example:shelters) or that it is from smaller rural areas such as Rossburg, etc.

Total residents served in 2013 was over 20,000 unduplicated, total services used include the following:

Education - 2,984   Health - 3,520   Stability - 42,243 
Click here to learn more about Community Impact and what your gift means to Darke County.
Please consider a gift from your heart to the United Way. Give.Advocate.Volunteer. You could be reaching out to your neighbor, or you could be using these services at sometime in your future. Remember please call the office if you need more information, 937-547-1272.
Thank you very much for learning more about the Darke County United Way, Inc.


Lauren Henry
Executive Director