As a non profit we have many opportunities for volunteers whether it is at Darke County United Way or connecting volunteers to one of our 23 non profit member agencies. To be connected with the best volunteer opportunities click one of the database links below. HandsOn West Central Ohio is our volunteer partner and runs the RSVP program.

The Darke County United Way looks for volunteers for the following positions:

  • Mass Mailings - usually in the summertime
  • Board Members - we bring in new board members in May of each year
  • Allocation Committee Members - we look for leaders in the community to help us allocate funds during February-March  

To inquire about any of these positions please email us at unitedway@darkecountyunitedway.org.


There are other ways to volunteer in Darke County. Please click below to search for county-wide opportunities:

Our United Way would like to thank our over 100 volunteers throughout the year who help us with the campaign and special events to continue to serve Darke County area residents in need.